Why to Call Dust Busters?

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We remove dust mites mould in Ireland, dublin and wicklow

These impurities and living organisms inhabit houses mostly in your AC ducts, mattress, sofa, carpet, curtain, upholstery and other soft furniture:

  • Microscopic organisms (0.3 mm) that exist in house dust, close relatives of ticks and spiders
  • The female dust mite produces 30-100 eggs at a time with an average lifecycle of 2-3 months
  • Strive in warm and humid places by feeding on human debris and body fluids
  • Their waste excretions (Dust mites “poop” about 20 times a day) contain proteins that, once inhaled or contact the skin, are a major cause of allergy and asthma 
  • Micro-organisms that can cause infections, fever and other symptoms
  • Some types of viruses have become much more aggressive in the past several decades and are resistant to antibiotics
  • Cot mattresses harbor high levels of naturally acquired bacteria (S.Aureus), which could pose a relatively high risk of infection to the infant’s respiratory tract

  • The human body gets rid of a great deal of water at night. Water is not just absorbed by our bed clothes or sheets, the mattress acts like a sponge and absorbs the moisture
  • Present on both the surface and deep within the mattress where it can’t be seen
  • Produces unpleasant odors
  • Cause of simple allergy symptoms to more severe respiratory issues especially for young children and babies

  • Small insects that feed on animal or human blood
  • Their hiding places are typically in mattresses, bed frames, and headboards where it’s easy to access the person or animal lying on the mattress
  • Mostly active during the night while you are sleeping

The mould & dust mites multiply in the comfort of humidity and warmth around the house, especially in the mattress, sofa, carpet, curtain, upholstery and other soft furniture. When disturbed by movement, dust mite excrement get pushed into the air and easily enter your body through the mouth, nose and eyes. These tiny feces and body fragments contain the enzymes responsible for causing allergic symptoms among the majority of people, varying form itchy eyes to sneezing as well as leading to potential serious illnesses such as:

  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Eczema
  • Bronchitis, Conjunctivitis, Rhinitis (Hay Fever), Sinusitis (Sinus Congestion)

Unless you have protected your mattress with a micro-porous cover, then a mattress is at risk of becoming a home for mites, old is a matter of hygiene. If the mattress has not been in humid conditions it may not be a home for dust mites

The only SAFE efficient way to clean a mattress is by the preferred dry EXTRACTION method. We employ the world’s most powerful agitating vacuum unit, perfect for mattresses, coupled with UVC LIGHT, an anti-bacterial spray and deodoriser ensures the mattress is hygienic

Please Note:

Dust mites are tiny microscopic relatives of the spider and live on mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains.

These tiny creatures feed on the flakes of skin that people and pets shed daily and they thrive in warm and humid environments.

No matter how clean a home is, dust mites cannot be totally eliminated. However, the number of mites can be reduced by following the suggestions below.

Dust Busters Ireland is a dust removal division run by Busters Environmental Services.


If you suspect mould problem visit www.mould busters.ie

For environmental inspection vist www.envirocheck.ie